What’s the Difference Between WordPress.com and WordPress.org?

Many people want to make a blog or website with WordPress but get confused when they discover that WordPress.com and WordPress.org aren’t the same thing. This post will explain the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org. It will also show you which one is best for your needs.

Main Differences

WordPress.com WordPress.org
Domain Name You can’t have your own domain name unless you pay $18/year. Your domain name will look like this: www.example.wordpress.com. You register your own domain name: www.example.com. It will cost about $10/year.
Hosting Hosted for free but only 3 gb of space, can’t store videos, they may show ads on your site. Must pay to get more storage, add videos, or remove ads. Must sign up for your own hosting at about $8/month. Unlimited storage, store videos, no ads.
Flexibility Not very flexible unless you pay for added features. Limited themes, no plugins, limited colors. Extremely flexible.
Restrictions Can’t do eCommerce (online store) or most affiliate marketing. No restrictions.
Ease of use Takes almost no time to get started but the lack of flexibility can be frustrating. Takes a little longer to get your website live at the beginning, but the added flexibility makes it easier to use in my opinion.
Total cost Free if you don’t upgrade anything. About $10/month.

When to use WordPress.com

  • You cannot spend any money on your website
  • You just want a small blog or website without videos or high quality images
  • Your website will mostly be for personal, non-commercial uses

When to use WordPress.org

  • You want to have lots of flexibility over what your blog/website can do
  • You want full control over what your blog/website looks like
  • You’d like to have videos or high quality images on your site
  • You want to make money from your blog/website


Overall, I believe WordPress.org is usually the right way to go. The only instance where I might use WordPress.com is if I was just making a small, personal blog as a hobby (but even then I would use wordpress.org if I wanted the blog to really grow at all). If you want to use with WordPress.com just visit their website and getting started is pretty intuitive. If you want to use WordPress.org, check out our course on how to create a website from scratch using WordPress.org.